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How to be motivated
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How to Get Motivated | 10 Essential Rules that Work

Where can I find more motivation? How can I maintain my motivation? Here are 10 essential tips for feeling more motivated than I'd like to share:


When you eat yourself up over the success of others, when you look for reasons to blame them for their success, believing that these are not valid reasons to be successful, you are actually wasting your energy on something negative rather than positive. As we all know, only positive energy drives motivation, so I recommend surrounding yourself with successful people or people who inspire you in some way. 

Someone may be able to sing exceptionally well, while others may be able to draw remarkably well and draw inspiration from those around them. Learn to rejoice with them in their victories and to be inspired by successful people.


This may sound old-fashioned or cliche, but many motivational speakers recommend journaling or writing down your dreams on paper, and I find this to be a very powerful exercise. Putting your goals on paper, in ink, gives that goal a lot of energy. Taking a glance every now and then keeps you on track and in the right mindset to pursue that goal. There's something about the power of ink that makes it magical and allows dreams to come true.

I saw a quote that said, "Life is like writing with a pen. You can cross out the past, but you can't erase it." It stuck with me not because of the concept of a past, but because of the power of ink. It truly resonates with me that you can erase something written in ink. Even if the goal is still there and you no longer want to achieve it, you can cross it out but not erase it. It will be in front of you in that paper, it will be in your mind, and one day you may aspire to have it all. Handwriting your goals and dreams has a special power, and you should definitely try it.


This is critical in getting you ready to start acting on your bigger dream or bigger goal. What are three concrete steps you're going to take to get closer to your goal if you want to be the best artist or calligraphist? That could mean purchasing pencils, purchasing an album, or searching for videos on how to get started or into a drawing. 

So these are the exact simple steps you must take to get closer to your goal. You can also set unrealistic or short-term goals for yourself, but your action steps should be attainable at this point in your life. The more precise these actions are, the easier it will be for you to begin.


I've been doing it since I was a child, and I had no idea it was called visualization. I just assumed it was called daydreaming or being a child who imagined and felt things. We ended up losing this as we grew older and were told to be more realistic. 

We're told to live in the present and know what we're capable of, but visualization really helps you imagine and picture things. It's not just about seeing the image; it's about the sense and feeling you get from seeing it. This provides genuine emotions and feelings that will keep you going for days. The more colorful and brighter the images in your mind, the stronger the feeling in your gut, and the more likely it is to elicit an action.


Lack of desire is a mental state in which you do not feel inspired or motivated. You can work on it by visualizing or doing something that will inspire and motivate you. If you are physically or emotionally exhausted, you are depleted of energy. 

It is easier to work with a lack of desire than a lack of energy. When you lack desire, simply think of yourself by returning to visualization, imagining how it would feel to achieve that goal or dream of yours, which would motivate and energize you to keep going. Whereas with a lack of energy, it's much more difficult to work because you have to rest, maybe relax, or give yourself some treatment. When you're low on energy, be gentle with yourself until you regain it.


Recognize and applaud your small steps as building blocks for the ladder that will lead you to your goal. We can use visual images to help us remember this, but we get so focused on the goal that we forget to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves for all of the small steps we've taken to get closer to our goals. 

Overlooking and undervaluing these steps will exhaust you. You'll have the feeling that you're not enough or that you're not doing enough, which is a terrible state to be in. If you want to feel motivated, acknowledge every small step you take. You'll feel more accomplished and better about yourself, which will give you more energy to accomplish even more.


Share your dream or progress with someone close to you who can help guide you through the process or hold you accountable for your idea, goal, or aspiration. In our culture, we believe that unless you do something, you should not talk about it because you may jinx it or attract an evil eye. I only partially believe this because I would rather talk about it. rather than simply talking about my dreams without taking the first step. However, I discovered that sharing my goals with someone I trust works well for me. When an idea is just in our heads and no one knows about it, it can take us a long time to get started. However, once we say it aloud, it occurs to us to begin and motivate you toward your goal.


Action provokes action. Energy creates energy. It's interesting how the more tasks you have to complete, the more you accomplish throughout the day. It may seem contradictory, but people with the busiest schedules complete the most tasks. 

I've seen a Tom Ford documentary. He was a director, a designer, and a variety of other things. When journalists asked how he managed to get so much done during the day, he explained that his schedule is jam-packed, so he makes time for each task. 

A schedule is essential, especially now that most of us work from home and believe we have the entire day to complete a task. Always plan your activities and set aside time for them. The more you do, the more you get done, and the more you move, the more energy you'll have to move even more.


We all have days when we have no motivation, and that's okay. It's normal to feel this way because, after all, we're human. Waves in the ocean have ups and downs, and we humans are no different. Those experiences do not define us. If you're feeling unmotivated, look for the root cause. Is it a lack of desire or an absence of energy? If you don't have enough energy, be flexible, take a break, and treat yourself. This provides you with more energy. 

If you lack motivation, go back to your notebook and visualize your dreams and steps, or talk to the people who inspired you to get back on track. A single day does not define you. As long as it isn't a recurring habit, it doesn't have to define you or keep you from achieving your goals. Allow yourself to be adaptable at all times.


Celebrations should not be extravagant parties or out-of-the-ordinary or expensive gifts, but rather whatever brings you joy or pampers you. It could be a cup of hot chocolate, a guilty pleasure TV show, a spa treatment, or anything else that makes you happy. Celebrations aren't just for big goals; they can also be for small ones like cleaning up your room. Make a point of celebrating whatever it is you want to. Give yourself the pampering and reward you deserve in order to recognize your accomplishment and be proud of yourself.

I hope you find these suggestions useful and applicable in your life. These steps will help you improve or get motivated. If you don't have any motivation right now, I just want you to know that I, too, am a human. Sometimes I'm not always motivated to do what I'm doing. I just make myself do it. And as I celebrate my achievement, I am energized and motivated to do even more. Be gentle and kind to yourself, and understand that life has ups and downs, so it's okay to have great and dull days.

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