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This is dedicated to something very special and romantic. We'll look at 10 body language signs that indicate someone is interested in you.


It's referred to as blushing or flushing. It occurs when blood flows into your skin, turning your cheek pink. Some people blush faster or more visible than others.

This is a physiological process, so it will vary depending on the structure of your face, skin, and the proximity of your waist to your skin. Some people are very obvious when they get pink cheeks, while others are not. A person blushing may indicate that they are shy around you or that they are attracted to you.


There are people who do not cross their hands or legs when their bodies are not obstructed from you.

If you go on a first date with someone who is not shy around you and is seated with their arms or feet crossed. And, over time, you may notice how they open their body to remove any barriers between you and them. That means they are becoming interested in you.

Another example is a female who has her bag or a glass in front of her, forming a physical barrier between you and her. She gradually becomes attracted to you and feels at ease with you. You'll notice she's putting her bag away so there's nothing between you and her.


This entails physically moving closer to another person.

You may have noticed that when other people are on a date and are seated far apart, they are not very interested in each other. However, as they become more engaged in the conversation or their attraction grows, you may notice how they open up their body, lean forward, and move closer to the person to whom they are attracted.


This is something that happens subconsciously, and it's fascinating to see how your feet reveal a lot more about who you're attracted to than your body or mouth.

Our feet are basically designed in such a way that they either take you to the goal you want to achieve or to someone you want to be closer to, or they take you away from 'danger' or something you don't want to be a part of. Wherever your feet are pointing indicates that you are leaning in that direction. If you're having a conversation with someone and notice their feet pointing towards you, it means they're interested in you.

Interestingly, your body may communicate differently than your feet at times. When a person is seated next to another person and leans their body or torso towards them but their feet are pointing in a completely different direction, you can tell that they are either not feeling very comfortable or wanted to lead the conversation.


In business etiquette, I taught that in order to establish a trustworthy rapport with someone you are conversing with, you must maintain a certain level of eye contact that depends and varies from culture to culture. In any case, you must maintain some level of eye contact with the person.

When done outside of a business context, when someone in a group of people looks into your eyes, they are drawn to you. This is also done on a subconscious level, and the process is uncontrollable. It literally means that you are looking at someone while attempting to see the big picture. You don't want to overlook them or overlook some details about their physical appearance or overall appearance. So looking someone in the eyes is a huge sign of attraction.

However, where they are looking will also reveal how they are attracted to you. If they are looking at your eyes, nose, or above, it indicates that they are interested in your conversation, which is critical in a business setting. In a social setting, however, the gaze will descend onto your lips, chin, neck, and chest, indicating that they are romantically attracted to you.


I know many of us are familiar with a smiley face when there are hearts coming out of your eyes, which I believe indicates dilated pupils. We have this expression of love. In fact, this occurs because hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine are released in our bodies, dilate our pupils, and give us the appearance of being in love with someone or being so attracted to them that we can't stop staring at them.

In many romantic restaurants, a tea candle is lit and placed between two people who are having dinner. These light candles actually work by dilapidating your pupils. It can be difficult to tell whether this person is genuinely interested in you or if the pupil dilation is caused by the candle. So I recommend changing the location and meeting in the daylight or going somewhere without candles to look into their eyes more closely and see if they have dilated pupils or none.


Light, unintentional touch, almost as if they're trying to touch you every chance they get. It could be as simple as touching your hand, elbow, or arm.

When people are talking to someone, they have this habit of wanting their attention. They may simply touch the person in order to draw their attention to them. Others, however, have a very different experience. You'll feel it internally if this is something you do out of habit or in order to get closer to you.

In general, the higher the touch on your arm, the more intimate it is considered, so a handshake is probably the most universal or formal way of greeting because you only get to touch the hand. It becomes more intimate when a touch goes above their elbows, upper arm, and shoulder. Someone is romantically attracted to you if they touch you on any of these body parts.


A genuine smile means that the person is smiling with wrinkles around the edges of their eyes, also known as crow's feet, as well as the muscles around their mouth contracted to show their teeth. You'll know the smile is genuine when you see these wrinkles.

If you're seated and someone is attracted to you, it's obvious that they won't be able to contain their joy by wearing a genuine smile. Look for this sign if you want to know if someone is interested in you.


When someone tries to make you laugh or laughs at your jokes, it indicates that they are interested in you. Making someone laugh is a very intimate thing to do when you want others to feel good around you. However, when we laugh at someone's joke, we are also communicating to them that we find them amusing and attractive.

It is obvious when you observe this type of behavior in a group and when someone who is attracted to you attempts to make you laugh. When you are not attracted, you do not laugh or simply let the joke slip, unless you respond by making another joke or slapping the person repeatedly when laughing.

Why is laughter considered a sign of attraction? It's because you're sharing wonderful memories and feelings with them. It is a unifying force. We want to make them feel better about themselves or about being around us, and the most obvious way to do so is to make the person feel like their joke was understood, appreciated, and we were having fun with them.

Sign #10 | MIRRORING

Mirroring is the act of repeating or reflecting someone else's body language, posture, or even voice tone. This is done on a subconscious level as well. I teach my students to mirror their clients' body language if they want to build good relationships with them. If you want a good, quick, or trustworthy relationship, politicians or businesspeople will do this. You want to be like them by imitating them.

When you notice someone mirroring your body language in a social setting, you should know that they are attracted to you. If you observe a dinner date and they are mirroring each other's body language, they are most likely attracted to each other. It's always fascinating to observe couples in this romantic setting simply by watching their body language.

If any of these signs are missing, it is most likely that they are not attracted to each other. This does not imply that all ten signs will be obvious. However, if some of them are present, you may notice signs that someone is interested in you. You can now look for these signs in someone you're attracted to and see if they're attracted to you back.

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