ETIQUETTE : The least you need to know

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” 
Have you ever heard this saying? Before we get a chance to say a word, our gestures and manners have already spoken for us. Though some of the rules of good manners change, others remain constant. This book is about the constants: the least you need to know to make a good first impression. As Clarence Thomas once said,  “ Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” Use this book as a master key to open those doors.

Available in all Libraff Bookstores and Baku Book Center
TEAS PRESS Publishing House, Baku, 2019.


Book reviews

Hana Tawfeqi

This book is great must have for anyone who questions the proper way to go about things, the least you need to know about etiquette, from dinners to travelling , the book is a perfect guide for easy and important proper etiquette, I have referenced it more frequently than I would have thought and illustrations are amazing and easy to understand and read, which also makes it suitable for kids to enjoy it as well !

Annie Faltin
When I started out learning more about etiquette, it was quite overwhelming. This book highlights the most important rules and collects them all in one place. I reach for it when I set the table or when I get an invitation with a dress code to use it as a guideline. The beautiful illustrations are great to get kids intrigued to the topic as well! I would buy it again!
Martin Ennis
San Diego

My nine year old son discovered Jamila Musayeva when we watched her online video on the proper etiquette to enjoy afternoon tea. Later, we discovered her book "Etiquette: The Least You Need to Know" which teaches the importance of good manners in a way easy for children to understand. Among the many children's books we have acquired over the years, this book is unique. It feels more important than ever to teach a child how to be kind, polite, and thoughtful. The simple act of showing good manners teaches children the importance of thinking about others and the value of being nice to each other. Teaching children about good manners may seem simple, but it is an important step to teach good values and behavior. "Etiquette: The Least You Need to Know" is a simple and fun way to introduce the importance of good manners to both children and adults.

Saud AlSaud
Saudi Arabia
The class we had with Mrs. Musayeva was great we’ve learned a lot that i didn’t know about etiquette. Her book has great tips as well.
Arthur Stephanie
I bought it as a gift for my daughter, who is 14. At this age, we know that teenagers are willing to follow advices, but only if it comes from people they admire (and unfortunately, parents are, most of the time, not on their top list ! #RIP my ego ;-) Not surprising then,  she enjoyed so much to read « Etiquette »…you made such a strong impression on her! This reading opened a way for interesting conversations between her and me, and she realized  that good manners are simply a « byproduct » of good character. I must confess that not only her enjoyed the benefits of the reading…I've learned new things also…but the most beautiful lesson of elegance I took, was actually by conversing with you…You are an amazing, real Lady !!!