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How To Have A Good Posture And Walk Elegantly (Deportment, Part 1)

13 SEPTEMBER / 2023 / 07:08

Are you tired of slouching and feeling self-conscious about your posture? Do you want to walk with confidence and stand tall? If so, you're not alone. Many people struggle with poor deportment, which can lead to a range of health issues and negatively impact their physical appearance.


As a personal development and deportment coach, I've received numerous requests from my subscribers to create an article on how to improve posture, walking, and standing. In response, I've decided to launch a new series called "The Deportment Video." In this article, I'll be sharing tips and techniques to help you improve your deportment and feel more confident in your own skin.


Good Posture: Tips and Techniques for a Confident Look


Having good posture is crucial not only for your physical health but also for your self-confidence. It can affect the way you walk, stand, and sit, and can give you a more confident and assertive look. In the following section, we'll go over some tips and techniques to help you improve your posture and feel more confident in any situation.


1. Keep your head high


One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your posture is to keep your head high. But what does this really mean? Rather than raising your neck, imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling you up towards the sky. Keep your chin parallel to the ground, and avoid exposing too much of your neck, which can make you look arrogant. By visualising yourself as a marionette doll, you can position your head in a way that's high but not above, giving you a confident yet approachable look.



2. Tuck your belly in


Tucking your belly in is another important element of good posture. Whether you're standing, walking, or sitting, visualise yourself as if you're wearing high-waisted jeans. This will help you keep your belly in, which can support your back and give you a more elongated, straight posture. As the saying goes, "a man's chest should enter the room before his belly." Except for pregnant women, most of us can benefit from tucking our bellies in and maintaining good posture.


3. Roll your shoulders backwards and drop them down


The most essential part of good posture is having your shoulders rolled back and dropped down. Many of us know we should roll our shoulders back, but when we do, we often keep them up close to our ears, which can create tension and stress. Instead, roll your shoulders back and drop them down, both when you're walking and standing. This will give you a relaxed and confident look, without any unnecessary tension.


The Wall Test


To check if you have good posture, try the wall test at home.


• Stand with your back towards the wall, making sure the back of your head, your shoulder blades, and your buttocks touch the wall.


• Place the heels of your feet 5 to 10 cm away from the wall, and use your flat hand to test if you're standing correctly.


• Your hand should be able to slide just enough between your lower back and the wall. If there's not enough space, arch your lower back away from the wall. If there's too much space, tuck in your belly so that your lower back gets closer to the wall.


• Once you've found the right posture, walk away from the wall but keep that posture. If you feel like you've lost it, go back to the wall and try again.


A good posture is built from early childhood on, but it's never too late to improve. If you're a young adult, start practising good posture now, as physical activity can help. If you're a parent, keep a close eye on your child's posture and encourage physical training, ballet, or ballroom dancing to help them develop good posture habits early on. Always remember that good posture is crucial for your physical and mental well-being, so keep practising and stay confident!


The Importance of Good Posture


In the early 20th century, finishing schools taught young women how to walk with poise and grace. Today, anyone can learn these techniques to improve posture and walk confidently. Good posture is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. It supports the spine, reduces the risk of injury, and can even improve breathing. Additionally, good posture can make you look more confident, assertive, and approachable.


Once you've achieved good posture, it's time to focus on confident walking techniques. Start by keeping your hands on both sides of your thighs and moving them equally backwards and forwards. This will give you a natural and confident look, without any unnecessary tension.


When walking on heels, imagine a straight line on the floor and take small and inward strides, making sure to keep your balance. When walking on flats, place even strides on the floor and think of two lines on the floor. Additionally, keep your gaze open and straight ahead to avoid stumbling or hitting someone or something.